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Alexa Young, CA

Thank you for giving the opportunity to work as an intern at Happy prehab for eight weeks.
During my placement at the happy prehab Clinic , I have had the opportunity to explore the 
role of a physiotherapist in an MSK outpatient clinic. The experience has been valuable in teaching 
me how to use various physiotherapy techniques, such as massage, IFT therapy, ultrasound 
therapy, and shockwave therapy. Physiotherapy in Hong Kong has integrated dry needling, 
cupping into practice. This has expanded my MSK knowledge to inform my future practice.
Additionally, it has given me insight into working as a physiotherapist in Hong Kong. Derek and summer have been very supportive, sharing their experience on how to communicate with patients effectively 
and manage patients in a timely manner in such a quick-paced environment. Apart from that, both of them are knowledgeable physios and taught me a lot clinically.They have provided oneon-one exercise sessions with patients for me to practice my communication skills independently 
throughout my placement, during which I was able to progress and regress exercises with my 
In summary, the team has been incredibly supportive of students. I am very grateful for their time and effort in teaching me.


My experience at the private physiotherapy MSK clinic provided invaluable insights into the dynamics of a professional workplace. Through interactions with diverse therapists and clients, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted nature of physiotherapy practice.

The opportunity to observe and engage with experienced therapists allowed me to witness firsthand the application of theoretical knowledge in real-world clinical settings. Moreover, interacting with clients provided me with a deeper appreciation for the importance of personalized care and effective communication in facilitating rehabilitation and recovery.

I am grateful for the mentorship and guidance provided throughout the internship, which not only enhanced my clinical skills but also instilled in me a sense of professionalism and dedication to the field of physiotherapy.


Lisa Driver, MI

I had the pleasure of having Derek as my mentor, and others who are talented in their fields. During these 6 weeks, I’ve had the opportunity :

1. To carry out subjective and objective assessments

2. Learn more about posture and its relationship with common MSK conditions

3. Practice my communication skills in teaching exercise in my mother tongue

4. Helping out in a falls prevention seminar

5. Visit elderlies at home who require physiotherapy

6. The importance of prehab …. And so much more…. most importantly, learning how to be a holistic physiotherapist. And not only I’ve learned physio knowledge throughout this placement, it has challenged my ability to maintain a work-life balance, especially among having time for myself, work and my family. I’ve always been worried that I couldn’t get used to the work culture in HK, but after having a taste of what its like from this placement, I actually really enjoyed it. That’s also because I was lucky to have met a warm-hearted mentor and such a great team. It’s been a great six weeks, and thankful that this placement has turned out to be the best placement so far. Thank you for having me!

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