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One size available. 

Dr. PREHAB - Massage Ball (Peanut-shape)

Color: White
  • Dr. Prehab 按摩球,主要的原理是藉由刺激激痛點,來減緩並消除肌肉疼痛,激痛點指的是肌肉緊蹦的位置,即是一些按壓肌肉時特別痠痛的位置。按摩球可以使用於全身任何位置,只要是肌肉痠痛的地方即可如:肩、頸、背、大腿、小腿、手臂

    The main principle of Dr. Prehab massage ball is to relieve and eliminate muscle pain by stimulating the trigger point. The trigger point refers to the position where the muscle is tight, that is, the position that is particularly sore when pressing the muscle. The massage ball can be used on any part of the body, as long as the muscles are sore, such as: shoulders, neck, back, thighs, calves, arms.

    I'm a massage ball. You could be your own personal massage therapist.

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