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ICB - shoe orthotics

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  • 把特制的矯形鞋墊放置於鞋內,有助幫助患者糾正變形以及恢復正常的體位排列和下肢力學ll bio),且透過足弓承托有效舒緩一些下肢和足部的痛症,如結構性扁平足、足內翻、偶發性足踝扭傷等。(詳情請向我們團隊聯絡和查詢)

    Placing a special orthopedic insole inside the shoe helps the patient to correct the deformation and restore the normal posture and lower limb mechanics (ll bio), and through the arch support, it can effectively relieve some lower limbs and foot pain, such as structural flat feet , Foot varus, occasional ankle sprain, etc. (For details, please contact and inquire with our team)

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