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Tanita 智能體脂磅

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  • Tanita智能體脂磅將醫療儀器的雙頻測量技術應用於體重磅上,透過低頻和高頻電流,針對全方位、全身部位組成分析,只要下載Tanita HealthPlanet APP,連結Tanita智能體脂磅,利用圖表功能記錄和監測體組數據的變化狀況,方便你更清晰地了解身體不同部份的狀況,更有效你重點針對和調整相關的飲食和運動計畫

    Tanita RD-545, Smart Body Fat Scale applies the dual-frequency measurement technology of medical instruments to the weight scale. Through low-frequency and high-frequency currents, it analyzes the composition of all parts and parts of the whole body. Just download the Tanita HealthPlanet APP and connect to the Tanita Smart Body Fat Scale. The chart function records and monitors the changes in body group data, so that you can understand the status of different parts of the body more clearly, and you can focus on and adjust related diet and exercise plans more effectively

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